The application period is currently closed.

The next application opportunity is tentatively scheduled for January 2nd.


Welcome to S FREE, a new program from The S3 Agency designed to share our capabilities with deserving start-ups, small businesses and non-profits. For a few times a year, we will select one winning organization and work with them for up to three months, FREE of charge.

What’s included?

That depends on what you might need.

Perhaps new branding would do the trick – or a new advertising campaign to launch a product or service?

Maybe some strong PR efforts would help people hear more about you?

Could a new website help others find you – or a direct mail campaign to convert prospects into customers?

Or might better social media engagement be what your brand deserves?

Think about what would make the difference you want…and then tell us all about it. If you are selected for S FREE, we’ll work with you to help make your communications dreams come true!

What’s not included?

We can conceive, write, and design pretty much anything for you, but you’ll need to be able to afford to have it produced. Out-of-pocket expenses such as printing costs, media placements, original photography, video / sound production, website hosting, etc. are on you. Don’t worry, though – there are plenty of things we can do that require little to no out-of-pocket costs, and we’ll be sure to determine your budget before we unleash our creativity on your behalf.

The Rules

  1. S FREE is open to businesses and certified non-profits with less than $1 million in annual sales or fund-raising income.
  2. Your organization must be located in New Jersey
  3. You need to complete in full the application below to be considered.

Selection of potential clients for S FREE is entirely at the discretion of The S3 Agency. The S3 Agency reserves the right not to select a winner in a given quarter, or to select more than one. Program may be discontinued at any time without notice.

The Application

This application period is currently closed.

Please check back here soon for the next opportunity.