The application period is currently closed.

The next application opportunity will be in Summer 2019.


Welcome to S FREE, The S3 Agency’s pro-bono program that creates FREE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS for small startup businesses with big dreams – and the chutzpah to match. Want our fearlessly creative team to help take your brand to the next level?

Then read on!

Who Can Apply?

As much as we hate rules, we have to have a few… startups with annual revenue under $1 million are eligible to apply for S FREE. Must be a legitimate business, not just an idea, and must be located in the US. And must have the guts to do what it takes to break through.

What’s included?

The S3 Agency will concept a fearlessly creative ad campaign to help get your brand noticed. For free. Think about what makes your startup different from the competition – and worthy of your target market. And think very specifically about who that target market really should be.


If you are selected for S FREE, our team will create an advertising campaign unlike anything you or your competition have ever done – so give us all the facts (and all your faith that we’ll make you shine).

What’s not included?

We’re not afraid to concept, write and design pretty much anything for your advertising campaign – but you’ll need to have the budget to have it produced (and the balls to run with it)! That means out-of-pocket expenses such as media placement costs, original photography, video / sound production, etc. are on you. But don’t worry! Tell us your budget up front and we’ll make it work exponentially for your startup.

How Can I Apply?

A few time a year, we’ll accept entries for the next S FREE recipient – and that’s the time to apply! Just fill out the application completely before the stated deadline. And before you know it, we’ll be creating big impact for another amazing startup. Good luck!


Yours in fearless creativity,
The S3 Agency

The Application

This application period is currently closed.

Please check back here soon for the next opportunity.

Selection of S FREE recipients is entirely at the discretion of The S3 Agency. The S3 Agency reserves the right not to select a winner or to select more than one. Program may be discontinued at any time without notice.